So, you decided to move to Colorado, now it’s time to learn to ski and board. As a new comer there are several ways you can learn how to fully enjoy the winter time in Colorado.  Colorado ski areas and resorts offer ski and boarding school for beginners of all ages.  By the end of your lesson, you’ll have the basics mastered and the more you ski the better you will get.

Tips for Learning to Ski or Board

Here are a few tips to follow (coming from a native) as you venture out to learn how to ski or board.

  1. Don’t ski in JEANS!  Nothing says “I am new at this” than someone wearing jeans.
  2. Referring to tip #1, Most ski resorts offer clothing rental.  The basic gear you will need includes:
    1. Ski Jacket
    2. Ski Pants
    3. Gloves or Mittens
    4. Wool Socks
    5. Layers:  turtle neck, long johns, etc.
    6. Goggles or a good pair of sunglasses – snow glare and blindness is real!
  3. HELEMTS ARE COOL…and they protect you.  WEAR ONE
  4. When renting your equipment, listen to the professionals and admit your are a beginner.  It will be easier to learn.
  5. Take a few lessons if you have never been skiing or snowboarding before.  An important part of the lesson will be getting on and off the ski lift.  Having to have the lift stop for you once is ok, just try and not make it a habit.
  6. If you know how to ski but your kids do not, find a ski school that offers a full day ski school and that will entertain your kids if they decide skiing isn’t for them.
  7. Be prepared, eating at ski resorts can get very expensive.  Pack snacks or sandwiches that can be eaten easily.*
  10. Parking…the parking lots at ski resorts fill up QUICKLY!  Plan accordingly.
  11. If skiing on the weekend, LEAVE early and be prepared for I-70 traffic.  It can be stop and go, and it may take an additional hour or two to reach your destination.  If you have the opportunity, play hooky and go during the week!
  12. Sunday evening traffic back to Denver is NO JOKE.  Be prepared to practice patience and be aware of the traction law. 

Learning to ski upon moving to Colorado will be one way to appreciate the winter months.  For more information on ski & board schools, check out 

*Due to COVID-19, food services may not be available during the 2020/21 ski season.  Resorts are requiring all skiers and boarders wear face masks.  Please check with your resort on additional rules before your visit.