There is never a shortage of things to do on the weekends in Colorado.  Which is one of the several reasons why people choose to move to Colorado.  With over 300 days of sunshine, the great outdoors is your playground.  However, there is plenty to do on a cloudy and cold day as well.  One particular place to visit is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Explore Colorado

One particular exhibit newcomers to Colorado may want to visits is the Explore Colorado from Plains to Peaks.  Newcomers to Colorado will learn why “locals” reference the mountains and the plains as west and east respectively.   It is a great exhibit to learn about the topography of Colorado, with additional information provided by Naturalist C. Moore’s Field Notebook about Colorado’s ecological make up, including mountainous ranges and it’s extensive plains.



The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has several permanent exhibits to explore, so it’s best to plan a few hours if not the day learning and exploring.  From dinosaurs to space, and wild life to Egyptian mummies, there is something for everyone.  In addition, Discovery Zone provides a fun spin on learning new things for kids!

Here is a list of permanent exhibits.  However, be aware that some exhibits may require the purchase of an additional ticket.  Visit for more information

  1. Space Odyssey
  2. Discovery Zone
  3. Egyptian Mummies
  4. Expedition Health
  5. Gems and Minerals
  6. Konovalenko:  Gem Carvings of Russian Folk Life
  7. North American Indian Cultures
  8. Prehistoric Journey
  9. Wildlife Halls
  10. Explore Colorado


The Art of the Brick

Additionally, the museum also hosts temporary exhibits.  Most recently, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science displayed Nathan Sawaya’s, the Art of the Brick.  An impressive display of art created by legos.   For future exhibits, visit and don’t miss out!