Deciding to move to Colorado is a great decision.  The current Covid 19 pandemic have many people worried about moving and buying a home.  However in Colorado real estate transactions have been deemed as essential and a critical transactions are taking place.  Inventory may be a tight, as some homeowners are waiting to place their home on the market, but those who are determined, yes, you can still move to Colorado.

Now, it is not business as usual as Colorado works towards slowing the spread of the coronavirus.  Realtors are providing virtual tours, Facetime tours and in rare cases, they are touring properties.  According to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, business being conducted is deemed critical, realtors are not actively searching for new clients, they are working with clients that need to buy or sell a home.

What do you need to know if you are moving forward to relocation to Colorado?  Below are a few best practices to help you move safely.

  1. Use new cardboard boxes
  2. Provide hand sanitizer and disinfection wipes to movers
  3. Wash your hands frequently
  4. Practice Social Distancing
  5. Be prepared for movers.
  6. CLEAN and DISINFECT upon leaving your current home
  7. CLEAN and DISINFECT your new home or pay a company to do it before arriving

Moving is one of the most stressful events, if you mix in a coronavirus it can complicate things a little more.  You just have to remember what awaits you in Colorado.  Over 300 days of sunshine and a lifestyle second to none.  Yes, you can still move to Colorado!