There is a saying “If you don’t like the weather in Denver, wait five minutes.”   For newcomers to the area, believe it.  Natives will tell you that waking up to 70 degree temperatures only to go end the day with a blizzard in June is no surprise.  Newcomers need to appreciate the weather in order to enjoy the active all year round outdoor lifestyle.

The average annual temperature for Denver is 50.5 degrees.  Recently, the hottest temperature on record for the state of Colorado was reported on August 6th, 2019 at John Martin Reservoir.  Where temperature reached 115 degrees.  July is typically the hottest month of the year, with January being the coldest.


Fall is the absolute best time of the year in Colorado.  The weather cools down and temperatures average in the mid 60’s.  While mornings and evenings are crisp, while daytime temperatures are ideal.  The mountains come alive with amazing colors as the aspen trees turn to bright yellow and orange in preparation of winter.  Of course, fall brings Football, which is everyone’s favorite season!


Despite what people think, it does NOT snow year around in Colorado.  The first snow fall can  happen as early as mid-late September.  It is a known practice not to plant flowers until after Mother’s Day, as spring snow fall can occur as late as the beginning of June.   Winters can be cold with temperatures averaging 35.6 degrees.   However with Denver being a mile high (5,280 feet above sea level), we do receive more sunshine on an annual basis than San Diego.  Because of this, the snow in the city tends to melt quickly.  Additionally, the city of Denver has perfected the snow removal process.  A word to the wise to newcomers, the winter air is dry and cold.  Be prepared.



Springtime in the Rockies can be confusing.  As flowers start to bloom, don’t be too surprised if the striking colors of flowers are poking out of a blanket of white show.  However, at the end of the day, when the trees come back to life and the grass turns green, Denver is the place to be.  In what other city can you go skiing in the morning and spend the afternoon at the ballpark in shorts?  Temperatures in spring average 61.7 degrees, which make it perfect for shorts and a sweatshirt during evening events.


Summertime temperatures average 85.3 degrees. With little to no humidity in Denver, it is important to remember that you are at altitude and to keep hydrated.  Along with the long summer days comes the monsoon season.  It is very common for Denver to receive an afternoon rainstorm only to be followed up by a beautiful Colorado (Denver Bronco) inspired sunset.

One rule of thumb for all season, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.  Choosing to live in Colorado is a choice you will not regret.  Learn to play in and appreciate all four seasons of weather in Denver and your new backyard awaits.