Until recently, if someone wanted a charming home in an interesting neighborhood, they bough a place in central Denver. And if they wanted a nice new home with amenities of a master community, they went to the suburbs. The Meadows of Historic Castle Rock offers a pleasantly surprising combination: homes with historically inspired architecture in a community with some truly great amenities, even by mast planned community standards. And all this in a Colorado town that has preserved much of its old-time character.

A Land Plan that makes the most of a true Colorado Location

The Castle Rock area is characterized by hills and mesas, creek beds and interesting rock formations. The town is named for a large, steep-sided hill topped by a dramatic, outcropping of rock that looks like a castle.

The Meadows team has worked to eave this great outdoors into the lifestyle of the community. They have reserved many of the most beautiful plaves as open space so that everybody can enjoy the best views. In addition to a number of landscaped parks with various recreational facilities, a framework of natural terrain called the Native Legend Open Space encompasses more tan 100 acres. Trails stretch from the summits of a series of bluffs a the southern edge of the property through the Native Legend Open Space to the Plum Creek Trail system on the eastern edge of the Meadows.

Traditional Community Core

Not far from the entrance to the community is a segment of land that embodies even more of the character of Colorado’s best loved older neighborhoods. Town Center will be lined with classic urban buildings containing retail shops, restaurants and small offices on the first floor and residences on the two or three upper floors. Already surrounding this core are neighborhoods with a variety of housing types: for rent and for sale multi-family residences, town homes, cottages and larger single-family homes. The feel of the architecture will be very familiar to anyone who’s spent time in Boulder, in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood or in the older parts of Castle Rock itself. Once again porches will dominate the streetscape. Garages will disappear entirely from the front of of the home and be located and accessed from the rear. Architectural detailing, historical color palettes and the mix of housing styles will create a rich sense of variety. But perhaps the most beautiful thing about these tradition neighborhoods will be the lifestyle they allow. For all residents, a neighborhood park will be no more than a fine-minute walk away. And the same walk will get many residents to shopping, entertainment, perhaps even work.

Who says you can’t have a charming home on a cul-de-sac?

The builders of the newest phases of The Meadows are a throwback to the 20th Century American residential architecture. The homes in Blacktail and Azure neighborhoods are focused on the styles that were particularly influential in turn of the century Colorado: Classic Cottage, Prairie, Craftsman, American Farmhouse, Spanish Colonial, and Bungalow. Current builders are embracing the roots of American residential architecture as well as more modern, urban trends.

In The Meadows, it is possible to have a home with a roof top patio on a cul-de-sac or a paired home with a traditional wrapped front porch. In designing the community, The Meadows team wanted to do more than merely give people places to walk and play. They worked to give residents an enduring sense of awe about where they live.

No Need to Compromise

For years now, many buyer have felt the anguish of having to choose between characterless new communities and charming old money pits. In light of this situation, The Meadows at Historic Castle Rock is a welcome step forward and back.

The Meadows at Historic Castle RockĀ 

3692 Meadows Blvd.

Castle Rock, Colorado 80109