In the city and county of Denver, residents can sign up for recycling and view pickup schedules for trash, recycling and large items online at In addition, e-mail reminders can be set up to arrive automatically the day before each scheduled pickup.

Residents are provided trash collection services by dumpster service, manual collection and automated barrel collection. Dumpsters are provided in neighborhoods with alleyways.

In manual collection areas, crews physically pick up trash containers from the alley or curb and empty them into a truck. With automated barrel collection, the city issues residents 100-gallon trash barrels, and crews empty these barrels in specially equipped trucks. Trash containers must be stored out of public view until collection day.

Residents outside of the city and county of Denver must contract for trash collection service, and those services vary, depending on location.

Check the Yellow Pages for a listing of waste removal contractors. In some cases, a waste removal contractor may already be set up for your area. Contact your city for information about trash collection and recycling services.

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