Image by: Jeff Finley

Conquering the Summer Blaze

Denver’s charm goes beyond its majestic mountains and craft breweries. While summer brings sunshine, it can also bring a touch of heat. Fear not, newcomers! The Mile High City offers a refreshing arsenal of aquatic adventures, outdoor escapes at altitude, and clever hacks to keep you cool all season long.

Dive into Mountain Majesty

Reservoir Recreation: Denver boasts several stunning reservoirs perfect for beating the heat. Chatfield State Park offers designated swimming areas, paddleboard rentals, and scenic beaches. Sloans Lake Park provides a vibrant atmosphere with swimming access and a lively walking path.

Whitewater Rafting: Experience an adrenaline rush on a whitewater rafting trip down Clear Creek or the Arkansas River. These exhilarating adventures offer breathtaking scenery and a cool splash to combat the summer sun.

Mountain Escapes: Head to the nearby Rocky Mountains for a refreshing escape. Rocky Mountain National Park offers pristine lakes like Bear Lake, ideal for a scenic swim surrounded by breathtaking peaks.

Outdoor Oasis in the City

Public Pool Paradise: Denver boasts numerous public pools offering budget-friendly aquatic fun. Congress Park Pool features a lap pool, wading area, and ample green space for lounging. Washington Park Pool provides a historic setting for a refreshing dip. Remember, Denver public pools typically operate from late-May to late-August, so check opening dates.

Urban Parks & Gardens: Denver’s expansive parks offer cool havens amidst the city. Washington Park boasts a Japanese Garden with serene ponds and walking paths, while City Park provides a sprawling oasis with lakes and bike rentals.

Free Summer Events: Embrace the vibrant summer scene with Denver’s free outdoor events. Catch a movie night at Skyline Park or enjoy a concert series at Levitt Pavilion. These events offer a delightful way to spend a balmy evening under the stars.

Cool Hacks for Mile High Living

Hydration is Key: Denver’s dry climate can lead to dehydration faster. Carry a reusable water bottle and sip frequently throughout the day.

Embrace the Shade: Seek shade during the hottest part of the day (typically afternoon). Pack an umbrella or utilize shade structures in parks.

Early Bird Adventures: Schedule outdoor activities for the mornings or evenings when temperatures are more comfortable. Denver’s mornings offer crisp mountain air, perfect for a hike or bike ride.

Denver’s summers might seem warm, but with its abundance of refreshing escapes, scenic mountain havens, and clever cooling tips, you’ll be enjoying the outdoors all season long. So, pack your swimsuit, a reusable water bottle, and your sense of adventure – Denver’s cool summer experiences await!