When moving to Colorado in 2001, Cortney Copley established a successful career in the mortgage industry.  Working 10-12 hour days, she realized time with her family was limited and she needed to make some changes.  Searching for a way to be an available wife and mother while enjoying all that the Colorado lifestyle offers, she created Work Hard Play Hard.  A locally based marketing company that represents a US based manufacturer.

Fast forward 10 years later and she has a built a team of over 450 from all over the country.  Coming from diverse backgrounds, Cortney’s team members celebrate success and live a life that includes peace of mind and the ability to live their life on their terms.  As executive director of Work Hard Play Hard her mission is to help others build the life of their dreams.

If you are looking to take advantage of the Colorado lifestyle, we are hiring part-time and full-time positions.  As a team member of Work Hard Play Hard, you will have the ability to set your own schedule and prioritize your life by what matters most to you.

“Just contact me, we’ll simply have a conversation and you can decide if this is a good fit for your family and your new Colorado lifestyle”

Email Cortneycopley@iglide.net or call her directly at 303.805.1505 to learn more.  She will be able to help you truly HAVE IT ALL!