Colorado’s rafting industry is especially vibrant. In 2010, rafters logged an amazing half-million user days (a paying guest on a river for any part of a day) between April and September, according to the Summit Voice.

In all, Colorado rafting outfitters frequent more than 20 rivers across eight major basins in the state, with the Colorado and Arkansas rivers attracted the most visitors between 2009 and 2010 while maintaining a capacity for more. Still, other rivers in the state have use limits and have seen their numbers stabilize.  Overall, the sheer number of rivers where whitewater rafting is available presents a great deal of opportunity for all Coloradans to practice their affectation for rafting. In fact, most people are within an easy day’s drive of a rafting vacation that suits their tastes. The rafting season in Colorado begins when rivers start to flow in May, peaking by mid-June at the latest. Good water flow continues into the fall. Rafting on desert rivers could begin as early as late April, since they tend to start running earlier than those rivers at higher elevation. In either case, the bigger the deasired whitewater, the earlier in the season one should go.

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