An average of 40 million people relocate to a new city every year in the United States. By and large, the majority of them are choosing Colorado as their new home.  Two Colorado cities have made the US News best cities to live in 2019.  Topping the list is for the 3rd year in a row is Austin, Texas.  Coming in at #2 and #3 are Denver and Colorado Springs.

Denver moves up to #2 after taking the #3 spot in 2018.  With the median annual salary at $57,400 and the median home price at $393,842 buying a house in Denver can present a challenge.  However the quality of life, beautiful four seasons and the outdoor lifestyle will be worth it.   As long as the job market remains strong, with several companies choosing the Mile High City as their new head quarters. Denver will continue to draw in a talented workforce to work hard and play hard.

Colorado Springs, CO

Just south of Denver lies the #3 city on the US News best cities to live list- Colorado Springs.  With a population 1/4 of Denver, the average annual salary comes in at $50,050 and the median home price is $286,700, the appeal is clear to new comers to Colorado.  New comers come from San Francisco, Honolulu and Portland to settle in the city that provides its residents with a consistent job market and excellent schools.  nicknamed Olympic City, USA, Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado and is a destination for athletes to train at over 6000 feet above sea level.