Finding child care when moving to a new city is almost as stressful as moving it self.  Below are a few tips on choosing child care in Denver to help you.

Parent Tips when searching for Child Care in Denver

1. Once you have narrowed down a list of providers, get details about their license to provide care. Each child care facility’s regulatory history of inspections and reports is available online.

2. Visit the facilities. It is always polite to schedule a time with the director for your initial facility tour, but make a second visit to observe a classroom when you are not expected. See how well the caregiver provides a safe and healthy environment. Once you place your child in care, remain involved and keep asking questions.

3. Look carefully at homes or apartments that have a pool or are near lakes, creeks or other bodies of water. The caregiver can explain how they ensure the safety of children in and around these bodies of water.

4.Discuss any concerns with the caregiver. Respect the caregiver’s time—her main responsibility is working with the children. Don’t be offended if the caregiver can’t spend much time talking with you when you drop off or pick up your child. If you need more time to talk about your child, set up a conference.

5. It’s normal for children to have some fears and misgivings about starting child care outside the home. Children need time to get used to new situations. Prepare your child for the change as far in advance as possible. Discuss his or her concerns. It is important to let the caregiver know about things at home that may affect how your child is doing while in care.

6. Talk to your child about his or her experiences in care. Watch for a time each day when your child is quiet and feeling secure and protected.

7. Gently ask questions about how he or she is doing. Share their excitement about new friends, skills and abilities. Above all, listen to their concerns, and give them a chance to boast about their achievements.

Additional Resources

There are numerous resources for parents moving to Denver with children.  It’s important to take your time and find the right care for your new Colorado kid!