Those truly seeking an active Colorado Lifestyle will find it just south of Denver, tucked in the foothills of Historic Castle Rock.  The Meadows is a master planned community full of life, trails, open spaces and amenities. Nestled at the center of the neighborhood is The Grange, home to the community pools and host to many events including Art Shows, Wine festivals, barbeques and concerts to name a few.  The very essence of a community is neighbors coming together and The Grange is the perfect place to meet new neighbors and potentially form lifelong friendships.

The Lifestyle

Rather than a neighborhood being built on the land, The Meadows separates itself from communities by being designed with the land in mind. Nearly one quarter of the land in the community is dedicated to open spaces and trail systems. For those who thrive on exercise or love to have an evening stroll with the dog, miles of meandering trails wind through the community and are ready for to be explored. The Meadows allows residents to enjoy the outdoors and beauty that surrounds them. Neighbors come together in a variety of ways including the Meadows Hiking Club, The Ridgeline Wranglers Club and more.  Parks are plentiful and always filled with activities for both kids and adults.


The word sustainable can be tossed around pretty loosely, but if you take one look around The Meadows community than you’ll see that it’s taken very seriously.  The community is designed to be sustainable, barely making a footprint on the environment. Mountains, hilltops and open spaces are left untouched – leaving room for breathtaking views of the Rockies and the historic Castle Rock. In fact, even the developed areas still have much of the natural topography intact giving a real sense that it is a “mountain community.”  A lighter footprint allows for the community to use less and cleaner storm water. Home builders have followed suit and offer a variety of sustainable home programs and offerings, working with green building supplies and making homes more efficient. Along with sustainability, comes connectivity. Parks, schools and pools are all connected with the same paved trails on which you take your morning run.  Trail systems even connect residents to the brand new hospital and medical campus along with shops and restaurants.


Douglas County is one of the top-performing districts in the state and The Meadows is home to multiple elementary schools as well as a Middle and a High School.  Children in The Meadows can meet a friend in kindergarten and maintain that friendship through High School and beyond all while getting a first class education.

A Community that Thrives Together

As soon as you drive into The Meadows you instantly know you’re in a special place that offers something you don’t get in any other neighborhood – that’s everything. You truly are in your own little world when you live in The Meadows.  Streets are filled with neighbors that take pride and are willing to welcome and lend a helping hand.  Kids playing in parks or diving into the pools bring the nostalgia of small town America. Unique landscapes and trails will have you craving that Colorado lifestyle that we all love. When you’re in The Meadows you’re just a short distance from Denver, but you’re in a world of your own.  Explore The Meadows today, visit