Summertime is absolutely perfect in Colorado.  But, it’s important to remember that the Mile High City is called the Mile High City because it is 5,280 (a mile) away from the sun.  So even during a cloudy day, kids in Colorado, or anyone for that matter can get sun burned. Here are a few summertime safety tips for Colorado kids.

1. SUNSCREEN! Summertime means pools, playgrounds, outdoor sports, lake trips and walks.  Applying a 50 SPF sunscreen can help protect your little ones from sun burn.  Sunscreen all year long is also recommended.

2. HEAD GEAR.  As with adults, hats help keep the sun off of the head and neck.

3.  HYDRATE.  Water is best!  Make sure your child is drinking water.  Not only is the sun a mile away, kids can get altitude sickness as well.  Keeping hydrated helps, ALOT.

4.  FOOTWEAR.  Sidewalks can get hot during the summer.  Make sure your child is equipped with the proper footwear to protect from burns.

5.  DOUBLE CHECK THE BACK SEAT!  We are all in a hurry, all the time.  Double check the back seat to make sure your child is not left in a hot car.  A car sitting in the hot sun can heat up to over 100 degrees or more.

6.  FIND THE SHADE.  During the course of a the day, be sure to find some shade and cool off every now and then.

7.  SWIMMING LESSONS.  Teaching your kids how to swim and water safety is a great way to allow your kids to fully enjoy summertime in Colorado.

8.  BUG SPRAY.  Mosquito bites are not fun.  Applying bug spray is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.  And to avoid itchy bug bites.

9.  TEACH YOUR KIDS TO RESPECT THE OUTDOORS.  Colorado offers some of the best family hiking you can find.  It’s important to teach them how to respect nature so that they are able to enjoy the Colorado outdoors with their kids!

10. PLAY!  The average temperature during the summer in Colorado is 85 degrees.  It’s the perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors.  Get outdoors with your kids and enjoy it!