Located just south of Denver lies the thriving Town of Parker.  With an estimated population of 55,636, it is currently the 19th largest city in Colorado.  However, Wallethub.com has recently named Parker, the best place in Colorado to raise a family.

Giving Parker the edge over other cities and towns in Colorado was home affordability, education and over all quality of life.  With a short commute to the Denver Tech Center or Downtown Denver, Parker offers newcomers great schools, outdoor recreation and a growing number of unique restaurants and boutiques.

How much home can you buy in Parker?

According to Zillow.com, the medium home value in Parker is $482,800 with the average selling price at $510,000.   In comparison to the Denver Metro Area, based on a $500,000 price point, you would be able to buy a 6 bedroom, 4 bath 3,358 square foot home in Parker.  With same $500,000 in Denver, you can buy a 3 bedroom, 1 bath 1,489 square foot bungalow.

Parker communities range from a typical master community to communities that are hidden by natural pine trees and rolling hills.  Regardless of which community you choose, Parker makes it easy to find your Colorado dream home. With housing options varying from multi-million dollar homes to a one bedroom apartments. Parker has something for everyone.  Newcomers will quickly discover why Parker was named as the best place in Colorado to raise a family.

Schools in Parker

In addition, newcomers will find that they will have their choice of private, public and charter schools.   Parker schools are part of the prized Douglas County School system, one of the top districts in Colorado.  In addition, Parker offers higher educational opportunities for those interested in continuing their education.

Moving to a new city is one of the most stressful events in life.  However, considering Parker as your new Colorado hometown is highly recommended.  If you are looking for an easy commute, affordable housing, excellent schools and small town charm,  Parker is an easy choice.

Discover why it is the best place in Colorado to raise a family!