Denver receives over 300 days of sunshine, that is more that San Diego!  This means that when you decide to move to Denver, be prepared to be outside a lot!  In fact, Colorado is in the top 10 for the healthiest states, coming in at number 8.  Instead of hitting the gym, consider taking in what Denver has to offer.  Get your daily does of vitamin D and achieve your daily step goal while enjoying the outdoors.

Here are a few ideas on where you can go to burn some calories:

Denver Broncos Stadium Outdoor Fitness Station
Red Rocks
City Park
Platte River Trail
Mother Cabrini Shrine
Garfield Park Lake
Silverman Park
Mestizo-Curtis Park
Cheesman Park
Ruby Hill Park

Remember Denver is a Mile High (5,280 feet above sea level), make sure to bring your water bottle and let yourself get adjusted to the altitude, its no joke.

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