Boulder, Colorado is one of several cities in the Denver area that often appears on lists of the happiest, healthiest places in the U.S. To people living in Boulder, that comes as no surprise.

Boulderites are known for placing a high value on their health and well-being.

There’s no shortage of healthy eating and exercise options in Boulder. They have the largest Whole Foods location in Colorado (79,000 square feet), Farmers Markets every Saturday and Wednesday, and juice bars around every corner.

No need to take the car out of the garage every day, either; Boulder, Colorado is a great cycling town. Sports cyclists tend to venture up into the nearby mountain trails and canyon roads. In the town itself, you’ll find locals making use of the bike lanes which flank every street. The bus system in Boulder can get you around town quickly, or anywhere in the Denver area you might want to go.

Want more outdoor activities than bicycling? You’ll find hiking trails perfect for all levels, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, skiing just 30 minutes into the mountains, and summer fun at the reservoirs.

And speaking of those mountains, make sure not to block the view! Most people moving to Denver are excited about being close to the Rockies, but people living in Boulder value the mountains so much that they passed an ordinance restricting buildings over four stories, along with tall standing signs, so the peaks are visible from almost anywhere in the city. You’ll find no advertising billboards here. Even McDonalds’ Golden Arches are at street level.

By the way, if you want a grocery bag when you pick up your locally grown veggies in Boulder? Better bring your own bag, or be prepared for a slight upcharge if you request one at the register. Most people living in Boulder don’t see this as an inconvenience; they’re happy to contribute to environmentalism in any way they can.

Perhaps more than any city in the Denver area, Boulder is famous for its diversity and sense of community. While you’ll find people from all walks of life living in Boulder, most value many of the same things—health, independent business and art, the environment, and spirituality.

Boulder’s downtown Pearl St. walking mall has as many local businesses as franchises, and street performances on every corner. It’s not uncommon to find people picnicking or meditating on the yard before the courthouse—or getting together for a spontaneous dance party complete with sanitized headphones and hula-hoops for passers-by who want to join in. There are free outdoor movies every Saturday night in the summer, an international film festival in February, a Fringe Festival in September, and 10 weeks of free live summer music with Bands on the Bricks on Pearl St.

Families living in Boulder have their choice of schools with eight, nine and ten level rankings on, including Montessori and Waldorf schools. And then, of course, there’s CU Boulder—consistently ranked in the top 100 universities nationwide by publications such as U.S. News and World Report and the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Just 30 minutes from Denver, Boulder is a vibrant community—small enough that you’ll run into familiar faces all over town, but large enough to serve up surprises every day.