A boutique neighborhood less than five miles northwest of downtown Denver, Midtown feels like an extension of the Highlands and Berkeley neighborhoods. But with a connection both to light rail and the Clear Creek Trail, amenities such the Garden Shed Community Center, and some of the freshest contemporary home designs you’ve ever seen, Midtown has a flavor all its own.


The homes

Signature Portfolio. By engaging three acclaimed architects to create a single home collection, Brookfield Residential raised the bar for new homes in Colorado. The homes of Signature Portfolio are filled with light and purpose. And they embody the idea that design is more than how your home looks, but how it works. How it connects you with the outdoors. And how it conforms to your personal style.


Tealight Portfolio. How often do you hear the phrase, “charming old home”? Classic homes have a gemlike quality — every facet so carefully polished. Brookfield Residential has given the Tealight Portfolio the same investment of love and craft. Of art and ingenuity. These homes combine time-honored character with a bright, clean, modern sensibility. And they’re designed to live efficiently, leaving you more hours in your day. What could be more charming than that?


Duet Portfolio. There are country people and town people. Both enjoy having their own space — in the form of a nice, private backyard, for example. But the difference is that town people love the energy that comes with living in a community. Sharing. Being part of something. Not just owning a beautiful home, but being able to step out the front door and look down a whole street of interesting homes. Well, here’s to the town people.