Benefits of an international community and bilingual education


Children who begin language immersion at a young age benefit from increased mental flexibility and an ability to focus more intently on topics at hand and avoid distractions. They also perform higher on verbal standardized tests, and show higher proficiency in math and logic skills in comparison to their monolingual peers.

International School of Denver


Learning a second language helps children in building empathy, self-esteem, creativity, problem-solving skills, and math abilities. As adults, bilingual learners exhibit higher employment rates, and decelerated aging of the brain.

International School of Denver


Multicultural and multilingual learners are inter-culturally adept and empathize with those from different cultures. They are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of our interconnected and rapidly changing world. At ISDenver, immersion is a pathway to global citizenship. Learning through French, Spanish, Chinese, and International Baccalaureate curricula, students become fluent in both the languages and cultures of the world, and flourish in our international community right here in Denver.

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