Homeschooling is yet another option for education when you move to the Mile High City.  And, there are plenty of homeschooling resources in Denver that will help you make a decision.  Colorado law requires that parents provide instruction for at least four hours a day, 172 days a year.  Additionally, homeschooling curriculum must follow the same general requirements mandated for tradition academic programs in the state.

A list of resources of both Denver and national based homeschooling organizations and resources is provided below:

Christian Home Educators of Colorado –

Colorado Department of Education  –

Homeschool Central/Colorado –

Homeschooling Reporting – 

It’s important to remember the Colorado K-12 Standards and testing, as your child will be expected to perform at a certain level.  Annual student testing is administered at Colorado schools in order to ensure students are meeting established knowledge levels for their grade level.  The statewide test called the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS), ensures that students are meeting grade level standards in math, science, reading and writing.   To find out more about the CMAS – visit