College and universities across the country are preparing to celebrate the class of 2018.  According to the National Center for Education, 1.9 million bachelor’s degrees, 790,000 master degrees and 183,000 doctor’s degrees will be awarded nation wide.  For those that will hold a Business Degree, Denver is a top spot to find a job.

Based on three factors, unemployment rate, number of job openings per 1,000 in a business or financial occupation and the average hourly wage and cost of living.  With an unemployment rate of 3.1%, Denver and it’s 300 days of sunshine, came in at number two on the list of 30.

Denver’s business environment is strong and steady and creates the perfect place for a new graduate to start a successful career.  Home to 22 Fortune 1000 companies, Denver will continue to provide these and many other companies with a pool of smart and talented candidates.

Top 10 Fortune 1000 Companies in Denver

Arrow Electronics


DISH Network

Liberty Interactive


Newmont Mining

Level 3 Communications

Western Union

Liberty Media


Washington DC took the top spot and following Denver, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, New York, Sacramento, Baltimore and Philadelphia rounded out the top ten.

For more information, click here to read the article by the Denver Business Journal.