As you begin to enjoy all four seasons here in Colorado, you might also appreciate the value of a larger, amenity-rich, private garage space.  For those of us with RV’s, collector cars, outdoor sports equipment, hobbies or other space-consuming passions, having a place where we can work on that project, spread out our stuff or just organize and care for our treasures in a safe, secure and personal space is exciting, valuable and empowering.

Bigger and Better Storage

At GarageCondos, we choose to design and build facilities that go above and beyond mere utility and storage. Our customers love the idea of owning a bigger and better storage space. Set up for high-speed connectivity, each unit also has ample power, abundant lighting, hot running water and climate control. Wide drive aisles, large overhead doors, common area security, surveillance, compressed air and a commercial grade car vacuum, and of course the clubhouse with its kitchen, HDTV, WiFi, comfortable seating and areas for meeting, entertainment and recreation create a valuable community space that is way more than just storage.

There is a Place Dynamic, as we refer to it, which is more than just the sum of an impressive list of amenities. The GarageCondos culture – that social aspect which makes the word “garage” a verb (and not merely a noun) starts with ownership itself. Through ownership, and really because of it, those who are fortunate enough to garage their valuables in a GarageCondos will care about the physical place. This consideration for not just their own private space, but for the overall facility translates and transcends to an overall respect and desire to participate in the GarageCondos™ community.

We hope you make Colorado your new home and welcome the opportunity to empower your pursuit of happiness.

Glenn McWilliams
Owner of The GarageCondos