Its no secret that Denver has created a reputation of being the Napa Valley for craft beers, but did you know that we also love our 4-legged k-9 companions just as much as our craft beer?  So much in fact, that several breweries allow for dogs to join in on happy hour.  The website Noble Beast Dog Training has complied a list of the 15 best breweries to enjoy a beer with your dog, check it out below:

1.  Blue Moon Brewing Company in Rino

2.  Tivoli Brewing Company

3.  Great Divide Brewing Company

4.  Brewability Lab

5.  Comrade Brewing Company

6.  Fiction Beer Company

7.  Zuni Street Brewing Company

8.  Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company

9.  Mockery Brewing

10.  Renegade Brewing Company

11.  Strange Craft Breweries

12.  Hogs Head Brewery

13.  Beryl’s Brewery

14.  Ratio Beerworks

15.  Station 26 Brewing Company.

Click here for more information on Noble Beast Dog Training and to find out more about the above breweries.