If you are moving to Denver and plan on renting a home or apartment, you are not along.  Apartment List, a northern California online rental site recently released a report that shows what cities have the most searches for renters.  As with several lists, Denver tops the list for new mover renters.

The report looked at the overall searches over a six month spam, July 2019 –  December 2019.   Turns out, 48% of all searches were for the Denver Metro area.  Interesting enough, 10.5% of the searches where from the Washington D.C. area, 2.4% from San Francisco and a mere 1.1% from Seattle.

Why Denver?

Well. for starters the economy is booming in Denver.  There are not enough people to fill the need jobs and educated, highly skilled workers are in demand.  Companies such as VF Corporation are choosing to make Denver their headquarters, attracting top talent from all over the United States.  Colorado also has a quality of life that is well, second to none.  With the beautiful Rocky Mountains just to the west, there is no other place where you can snow ski in the morning, catch a Rockies Baseball game or golf in the afternoon and relax in one of many craft breweries.

For those looking to live the outdoor lifestyle in Colorado, you will not be disappointed.  With each of the four seasons, there is always something to do on the weekends.  With it’s geographical location, getting anywhere else is just a plane ride away.

Renting in Denver

Moving and renting in Denver will take some work.  The rental market in Denver can be competitive.  The following websites can be helpful as you search for your new rental home in Denver.