Credit: Taste of Denver, Downtown Denver Food Tour

Looking to get a good taste of the downtown Denver scene?  Look no further with the Downtown Denver Food Tour, a delicious food tour hosted by Taste of Denver.

The Downtown Denver Food Tour recently made the TripAdvior “Unique Food Tours” list, prompting travelers and locals alike to book a tour and experience all the intricacies of the food culture in the downtown Denver area, including well-known restaurants and also smaller dives that would be considered Denver-area hidden treasures.

The tour allows for attendees to take a few small bites and truly experience the culinary offerings of the restaurants, so they can later come back for seconds if they should decide.  Notable stops include: EVOO Marketplace, Wynkoop Brewery, Avelina, Zoe Ma Ma See, Mercantile, Cornicello and Blue Agave Grill.

The Downtown Denver Food tour holds five stars in the “Food Tour” category on Trip Advisor and lasts approximately 3 hours.  Book online today to take a taste of the Downtown Denver area.