Relocating to a new city is one of the most stressful life events.  So much goes into choosing a new city, and most decisions will start with choosing a neighborhood to settle in.  If your are looking to live in one of Colorado’s most expensive zip codes, look no further.  Whether you are looking for mountain living, urban or suburban or even ranch living, Colorado will not disappoint.  Here are the top ten and most exclusive zip codes in Colorado.

81621 – Basalt

Located just west of world famous Aspen, Basalt is located on HWY 82 between Glenwood Springs and Aspen.  Just three and half hours away from Denver, the medium home value comes in at $693,300.  In order to pay the $3,497 average monthly mortgage, the minimum salary is $139,899.

80209 – Denver | Washington Park

Referred to by locals, Wash Park sits just north of I-25 and west of Colorado Blvd.  With tree lined streets and Washington Park as the heart of the neighborhood, the medium home value is $724,900.  An annual salary of $146,276 is required in order to afford the average mortgage payment of $3,657.

80305 – South Boulder

Home to the University of Colorado, those who live in Boulder enjoy outdoor life to it’s fullest.  Only 45 minutes from Denver, the median home value is $725,800 which equates to a $3,661 monthly mortgage payment.  The very minimum salary in order to qualify is $146,457.

80435 – Keystone

Know for being a ski town, Keystone is 90 minutes from Denver.  Offering mountain living , the median home value is $728,100.  With a minimum salary of $147,123, one can comfortable afford the $3,678 monthly mortgage payment.

80302 – Boulder

Yes, Boulder is on the list again.  This time, the Boulder zip code has a median home value of $841,400, which averages out to a mortgage payment of $4,052.  However, to live in this part of Boulder, your annual income is $15,618 more ($162,075) than in 80305.

81615 – Snowmass Village

Another mountain town off of HWY 82.  With Aspen as it’s immediate neighbor, Snowmass Village has a median home value of $898,900.  A minimum annual salary of $173,213 is required for the $4,330 monthly mortgage.

81632 – Edwards

Living in the mountains often means a hefty investment in a home.  Edwards is no exception.  With Beaver Creek just to the east, Edwards is located 2 hours west of  Denver.  Medium home values are $915,400 and come with a $4,410 monthly mortgage.  For those looking to buy a home, a minimum annual salary of $176,392 is required.

81435 – Telluride

Located in the southern mountains of Colorado, Telluride is a very exclusive mountain town.  With an median home value of $916,800 ($4,417 a month), Telluride is often a 2nd home location for many of it’s residents.  Of course, a high annual income starting at $176,662 is what it takes.

80304 – Boulder (yes again)

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Boulder is a very expensive place to live.  This zip code covers central and north boulder.  The University of Colorado campus is located in 80304.  With an median home value of $928,500, which equates to a $4,473 monthly mortgage, this part of Boulder is the most expensive zip code.  It will take an annual salary of at least $178,917 to comfortably enjoy this college and unique town.

81654 – Aspen/Snowmass

It is no surprise that this Aspen/Snowmass zip code is the most expensive and exclusive zip code in Colorado.  With an impressive median home value of $1,032,000, which comes with a monthly mortgage payment of $4,972, the real estate in Aspen is one of the best in the country.  While most can only dream of affording a house in Aspen, those that do earn close to $200,000 a year.