With the average home selling for just under $460,000 in the Denver Metro Area and re-sale inventory at a record low it appears that first time homebuyers face several challenges when buying a home in Colorado.  However, with the help of an experienced real estate broker, first time homebuyers will discovery that purchasing a home in the Mile High City is possible.

In a recent list released by WalletHub, where 300 cities were ranked according to affordability, real estate market (rent to price ratio, housing marketing etc) and quality of life, 13 Colorado cities made the list and 11 made it in the top 100.

The city of Thornton topped the list for Colorado and ranked 9th as the nation for first time homebuyers.  Below is a list of how other Colorado cities are ranked locally and nationally.

1.  Thornton – ranked 9th nationally

2.  Greeley – ranked 12 nationally

3.  Arvada – ranked 17th nationally

4.  Fort Collins – ranked 26th nationally

5.  Colorado Springs – ranked 28th nationally

6.  Centennial – ranked 36th nationally

7.  Westminster – ranked 46th nationally

8.  Denver – ranked 48th nationally

9.  Pueblo – ranked 57th nationally

10.  Longmont – ranked 60th nationally

11.  Aurora – ranked 73 nationally

12.  Lakewood – ranked 102nd nationally

13.  Boulder – ranked 232nd nationall

For more information, please click here to view the Denver Business Journal’s article