Jen Rigsby is co-owner and founder of Front Range Educational Consulting. Prior to starting Front Range Educational Consulting, she worked for e.Merging Consulting. During her tenure at e.Merging, she handled preschool through high school students, gifted and talented, and relocation consultations.

Relocating to Denver area is an exciting time. Yet, it can feel overwhelming for families, especially when considering where their children will go to school. The Denver area has more charter, innovation, magnet and option programming than anywhere else in the country and each school district runs their lotteries differently. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult for families to decipher what school works for their family. When families move to Colorado, parents often state that they want their child to go to the “best school”. While there is no “best” school, there is a school that is the best fit for your child, and your family.

Buying a house in Colorado is not as simple as other parts of the country. Usually, a family buys a house and their child is zoned for a solid neighborhood school. Unfortunately, Colorado’s diverse educational landscape has made this process convoluted and hard to navigate. A family can buy next door to an amazing school yet not be zoned for it. Colorado’s school choice systems have a plethora of alternatives from the neighborhood schools with unique charter, magnet, innovation and option schools. Yet, each school district (and in some cases each school) has their own system protocols, terminology, and waitlists to navigate. It has become imperative to strategize various tracks including combinations of public, private, magnet, or charter schools to align with your child’s needs, and your family’s resources.

Parents who relocate to Denver and work with an educational consultant are surprised to learn of many schools and programs that are hidden gems, that they had not found online. Families become equipped with accurate information about school programs and specific curriculums that will help your child transition successfully. Educational consultants work alongside real estate agents, which streamlines the home buying process by providing families with neighborhoods that meet all of your family’s needs. Data from educational consultants are more detailed than school ranking websites and allow a family to be more confident their home purchase. This lifetime investment can be made confidently when provided with accurate information about schools from an expert in the field, instead of subjective and inaccurate school ranking websites.

Finding the best fit school for your child is a huge step in building a new community in Denver, for the whole family. This decision can feel even greater if your child has unique and special needs. Educational consultants help educate parents to transition assistance plans, navigate mid-year transfers, and refer to specialists to help rebuild your support system in your new home. A school is so much more than reputation, tradition, and test scores. Parents want the best for their child(ren), but it is overwhelming to compare schools and evaluate based on data and testimonials alone.

Many families are turning to private schools due to the failures of the public school lottery systems. The Denver area also has some fantastic private schools, yet some cost an upwards of $27,000 and have an acceptance rate of less than ten percent. Some private schools offer amazing curriculum, extracurricular programming, small class sizes that any child would benefit from, but with the rising costs of living and college tuition, parents struggle with the decision of when and how much to invest in their children’s education. Each private school is looking for
students that align with their mission and unique student profile, and standing out amongst hundreds of families vying for a few class spots is made even more challenging while navigating each school’s specific admissions procedures, deadlines, and testing requirements. Educational consultants can help families identify which schools are worth the money and how to best increase your chances for acceptance.

Jen Rigsby has over 15 years of experience in education in Colorado. As an educational consultant, she has an intimate understanding of the inner workings of public and private schools in Denver area. Mrs. Rigsby understands the importance of finding a home based on where you want your child to attend school. She has done the legwork on your behalf and identified areas in all of the major school districts where families can move and have great public schools elementary through high school as well as how to strategize for better results in the various school lottery systems. Jen tours over 70 schools a year and conducts approximately 25 classroom observations. From that experience, she has a vast personal and professional network that provide public and non-public information such as budget decisions, staff changes and other leading indicators that support or detract from the future of various private and public schools. Jen prioritizes visiting schools in person to understand schools culture, programming, and curriculum at a deeper level. Jen looks forward to working with your family to identify the best school for your family.

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