The rental market in Denver is one of the hottest in the country, often exceeding the national growth rate of 1.5%.   The average rent prices in the Denver Metro Area range between  $1920/month to $1360.month.

Over the last year Colorado has seen a 2.1% growth in the rental market and that is expected to grow.   As more and more people decide that Colorado is the perfect place to call home, the demand for rental units will increase.

It is no surprise that the suburbs of Denver are growing in popularity with newcomers.  Infact, the city of Thornton, located just to the north of Denver,  is the most expensive city to rent an apartment in the metro area.  With a 4.5% increase growth,  it is currently the fastest growing city for rent growth in the Denver Metro Area.

As you make your move to the Mile High City, deciding on where to live and whether to rent is a big decision.  Based on data compiled by, below are the average rent prices in Denver for a 2 bedroom apartment in 10 of the largest cities in the Denver Metro area.

Thornton           $1920/month

Littleton             $1910/month

Brighton             $1800/month

Parker                 $1800/month

Broomfield         $1740/month

Castle Rock         $1670/month

Westminster       $1620/month

Aurora                  $1580/month

Arvada                  $1550/month

Denver                  $1360/month

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