The United States currently trails behind many developed countries, ranking 26th in the world for the percentage of 4-year-olds enrolled in Pre-K. Without a doubt, there’s a strong case to be made for pre-kindergarten education.  Interestingly, students who enroll in high-quality programs can eventually earn as much as 23% higher incomes.1  Additionally, researchers have discovered that participating in Pre-K makes a difference in reading, writing, and arithmetic.  As well as, having a long-term impact through eighth grade and perhaps beyond.2  Here are 4 things to look for in a Pre-K program for your child in Denver

Supports Student Success

Clearly, there are many options for choosing a Pre-K program to consider.  With the help of Suzanne Bouffard, author of The Most Important Year: Pre-Kindergarten and the Future of Our Children,  here are four key things to look for.

  1. Be aware of spaces that encourage children to learn to be learners.   Spaces where students can explore builds curiosity.  As well as problem-solving skills.
  2. Require hands-on experiences and opportunities for children to learn.  Building practical application into any learning is a key for ongoing success and sustainability of learning.
  3. Look for teachers who engage children in rich conversations.  By asking questions and engagement, teachers cultivate thinking skills and communication skills necessary for children to relate to adults and one-another.
  4. Finally, look for classrooms with an appropriate focus on self-control and behavior in class.  “Soft-Skills” are crucial to a successful educational career and in the workplace.


Aspen Academy Steam program


Why Aspen Academy?

Aspen Academy has developed a uniquely successful approach to educating students from Pre-K through 8th grade.  Aspen is committed to an “education of consequence”.    For example, students gain the confidence and skills to problem-solve and work independently.  Most importantly, they learn how to maintain positive social relationships.

Moreover, Aspen Academy has one rule: “Be Kind.”   Where the educators at Aspen Academy teach kindness in very intentional ways.  Our students learn how to lead themselves and others with their heart.  This practice is important with Pre-K students.   Whereas their spirit of kindness should be cultivated and grown.

The full day Pre-K program is personalized to your child at Aspen Academy.   Illustrated by the balance of center time, art activities, intentional play, outside time, rest time and “essentials”.  Additionally,  Spanish, drama, fitness and dance are introduced to further the Pre-K educational experience.  Aspen Academy is designed to create a learning environment filled with exploration, creativity, challenge, and curiosity.

Experienced Staff

Aspen Academy offers years of experience in early education through a dedicated faculty.  Through patience, teaching strategies and classroom differentiation, their true love of teaching early learners shines through.

To sum it up, Aspen Academy parent, Jamie Slough adds  “Students in Aspen Academy’s Pre-K are learning so much more than other schools or parents think they might be capable of at this age.  The teachers and staff are incredible and really make the effort to get to know your family and identify what parents need.  It’s just been an amazing experience.”

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