Relocating to Colorado comes with a lot of questions.  Have you ever wanted to Ask a Colorado Native about Housing, schools, healthcare etc.  As publisher of the Denver Relocation Guide,  I am also a Colorado Native.  Yes, there are still a handful of us here.  Colorado has been my home, it’s where I have raised my kids and hopefully some day my grandchildren.

My job is to provide you, the newcomer, as much information about Colorado to help streamline your move.  However, I understand that sometimes, you want to know more.  Below are some of the questions I have received from newcomers relocating to Colorado.

Is there really “stores” where you can buy marijuana products?

Yes.  Colorado made recreational marijuana legal in 2012.  Since then it has been a growing (no pun intended) industry.  Tax dollars generated from the sales of recreational marijuana have built recreation centers and provided much needed funding for the BEST Capital Construction Grant Program.   Whereas school districts and educational providers can apply for funds to build new buildings or improve existing ones.  Additional tax revenue is split off to other government departments.  Those include, Education State Fund, Agriculture and the Colorado State Fair Authority.

Do athletes get an advantage when training in Colorado?

There is a reason why world class athletes come to Colorado to train.  Training at high altitude allows for additional red blood cells to form.  This gives athletes an advantage.

Is altitude sickness a real thing?

OMG – YES!  Remember, Denver sits at 5,280 feet.  The lowest point is located along the Kansas border at 3,317 and the highest is Mt. Elbert at 14,440.  I have heard people say, “There is no air in your air”.   When you first move to Colorado, you may find that climbing stairs or even walking you will feel fatigued faster than usual.  Over time, you will acclimate to the high altitude.  In the meantime, remember to drink a lot of water and believe it or not, advil or motrin can help reduce the symptoms.

Where do people who live in Colorado go for vacation?

I have heard this time again.  Colorado is a vacation destination for many.  However, if you live here, where do you vacation?  As I can only speak for this Colorado Native, I have traveled to San Francisco, Cabo San Lucas, Cuba and Chicago.  But the old saying holds true, there really is no place like home.  You don’t have to take a whole week off to celebrate what Colorado has to offer.  Every weekend is like a vacation to those that live in Colorado.  With the mountains serving as the biggest and best back yard, your choices are endless!

Do you have any questions about moving to Colorado?   Let me know (!